Whispers in the Dark

**Whispers in the Dark is currently being updated - Please check back in 2018 for the new version - Defending Kyra **


Kyra Robinson is in trouble. She may not believe in monsters, but that won’t help her when an ancient vampire tries to claim her as his eternal consort.

Gareth Harkness is a vampire hunter with supernatural abilities. He spends his nights fighting the living dead and his days dreaming of an unknown woman who has haunted his dreams for years. When a string of violent murders brings him to Vancouver, Gareth learns his past and the future he dreams of are on a collision course. The vampire who once nearly destroyed his family has found a potential blood mate, and it’s the woman from Gareth’s dreams.

Two men, the hunter and the killer, both of them locked into a war only one of them can win. In the end, Kyra will have to choose, but before she can give her heart away, she’ll have to survive the darkness that threatens to take her life, her soul, and her sanity.


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