Loved In Space


Six BRAND new stories of love and romance among the stars by NYT & USA Today Bestsellers Mina Carter, Eve Langlais, Cara Bristol, Donna McDonald, Susan Hayes and J Thompson.

Woken by a kiss, she didn’t expect her prince to be a handsome alien warrior. Kissed by the Alien Mercenary: Warriors of the Lathar by Mina Carter.

Clarabelle isn’t about to take orders from anyone. Not even the alien hottie who has a disturbing tendency of shifting into a giant lizardman. Mate Abduction by Eve Langlais.

When a dating agency claims to match Earth women with extraterrestrials, fraud investigator Cyan Blue goes undercover as a client to expose the scam. She’s not interested in finding love and certainly not with a pretend alien! KRASH: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides by Cara Bristol.

No risk. No reward. When time runs out, she’ll have to make a choice that will change her life forever… Chance of a Lifetime by Susan Hayes ~ A story from the Drift Series.

Bethany Walker lost everything the day she watched her husband die. Trapped in a bitter cycle of loneliness and grief, the arrival of a gorgeous cyborg with a familiar face changes everything. Betraying Ko’ran by J Thompson.

Check out a Sneak Peek at Chance of a Lifetime - Click Here

4 thoughts on “Loved In Space

  1. Love the drift series. Just wondering if loved in space, particularly Chance of a lifetime will be published on any other platforms? Cheers

    • the Loved in Space anthology is only available for a month, and there are some platforms (Google Play etc) that it’s not available on. But I know that all the authors intend to republish their stories after the anthology is out of circulation, and yes, Chance of a Lifetime will be re-released with some extra content on all my usual platforms in May 🙂

  2. Bonsoir, j’adore votre série du DRIFT. Malheureusement je parle très mal anglais et je le lis encore plus mal.
    J’ai lu les 3 premiers tomes en français.
    Pouvez-vous me dire quand paraîtront les autres ?
    D’avance merci.

    • Salut!
      Mon éditeur, Juno, travaille sur les traductions du reste de la série. Pour le moment, je ne sais pas quand le prochain sera publié, mais ils apparaîtront finalement.

      Merci pour la lecture! 🙂

      Et excusez mon français, cela a été fait avec l’aide d’un programme de traduction. Mon français c’est terrible.

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