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Coming Soon

This is where you’ll find my next few books to be released.

Releasing April 28th – Chance of a Lifetime

No risk. No reward.

Erik O’Neill has finally stopped looking for trouble. Now, trouble’s come looking for him. After years of cage fighting, Erik is ready to step away from the Nova Club’s fight ring and into a new role – security for the club he calls home. All his plans change when a lovely loner starts visiting the club, and he finds himself caught between the need to safeguard his home and his friends, and his desire to protect the woman laying claim to his heart. 

Chance is a cyborg with a secret.  If the wrong people find her, she’ll lose her shot at having the life she dreams of – or any life at all. She’s come to the Drift looking for allies, but when she meets Erik, she discovers he can offer her more than safety. He’s her chance at happiness, too.

When time runs out, she’ll have to make a choice that will change her life forever – keep running, or turn to the one man her heart tells her she can trust.

Releasing June 2020Too Hexy For Her Broom

Cover Coming Soon

Releasing Summer 2020 – Dealer’s Choice – The Drift: Astek Station #10

Releasing Fall 2020 – Forging Their Destiny – The Drift: Haven Colony #1

Releasing October 2020 – Too Hexy For her Wand – Hot and Hexy #2

Releasing November 2020 – Tiger and the Unicorn (Part of the FUCN’A world of Eve Langlais)

Releasing Winter 2020 – Operation Artemis – The Drift: Nova Force Book #4

Releasing Winter 2020/21 – Risking It all – The Drift: Astek Station #11