The Drift Universe Timeline

Every book. Every Series.

While I have tried to ensure that every book in the Drift world are standalone reads, there are times when the series do crossover, with characters making cameos and plots that occurred in one book or series having effects in others. So, here is a list of the reading order of all three series into 2021.

Winner Takes All will release this summer. Her Alien Forgemasters is out this fall, and Operation Sundown will be out near the end of the year.

And yes. Winner Takes All happens at the same time as the events of Operation Artemis

And a Text version of the list in case the image doesn’t load.

Double Down

All In

Wild Card

Three of a Kind

Operation Phoenix (Nova Force)

Full House**

No Limit**

Blind Bet

Operation Cobalt (Nova Force)

Aces Over Queen

Chance of a Lifetime

Operation Fury (Nova Force)

Dealers’ Choice

Her Alien Mates (Haven Colony)

Operation Artemis (Nova Force)

Winner Takes All

Her Cyborg Champion

Her Alien Forgemasters

Her Alien Spymaster

Operation Sunset

**Full House and No Limit are part of the original Drift: Astek Station series, but they are also the introduction points for my Haven Colony series. They tell the story of how the planet was colonized, where the cyborgs at the colony came from, and explain the arrival of the Vardarians into this part of the galaxy.