It’s Release Day for Too Hexy For Her Wand!

She’s forgotten who she was. He can’t forget where he came from. Their future is waiting—if they can leave their pasts behind.

Jet-setting witch Fern Summers thinks she has it all—a trust fund, a pedigreed familiar named Tiff-Tiff, and a lifetime of luxury ahead of her.  She couldn’t be more wrong.

A mysterious letter upends her world, sending her to the west coast and a life she doesn’t remember.

Her Mission: Protect a town she’s never heard of from dark threats and worse fashion choices.

Her Allies: A familiar with abandonment issues and a sexy wolf-Shifter chef whose meals are almost as delicious as his kisses.

Her Enemies: A power-hungry warlock and a pack of beaver Shifters with a licence to gnaw.

Her Plan: Banish the bad guys, be a better witch, and don’t fall for the wolf in black leather, no matter how well he crèmes her brulee.

Join the Mayhem – Pick up your copy of Too Hexy for her Wand HERE or learn about the other amazing new releases in the Magic and Mayhem Universe  HERE

A note from the author: I love this world and simply adore Robyn Peterman, the woman who created this wonderful, madcap universe. I’m so honoured she asked me to be part of this marvellous madness.

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