Release day for Vykor

Cover of Vykor

Born without a dragon’s spirit, Vykor has no magic, no clan, and no reason to stay on his homeplanet of Romak.

 He’s come to Earth to research old legends – and maybe even find acceptance.

 This book contains an executive assistant in need of assistance, and a researcher who is about to discover that love doesn’t come with instructions.

Check out Chapter One for free  HERE.  Or buy it HERE

2 thoughts on “Release day for Vykor

  1. Is Vykor the last book in the series? If not, when is the next book coming out? Thank you for entertaining us. I’ve enjoyed the series and read all the books so far. 🙂

    • Hi Diane,

      Vykor is the last book in this series for now. I have plans though! I intend to explore Vykor’s home planet and the challenges they still need to face. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed these stories, I’ve loved writing them!

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