Release day for Full House

Full House 
A Drift Series Novella

Opportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes, it crash lands.
A veteran of the Resource Wars, Raze is a cyborg with a simple plan. He wants to be left alone, forever.
Planetary scout Sevda Rem is light-years from civilization when her ship is damaged, forcing an emergency landing on an unoccupied planet. At least, it was supposed to be unoccupied…
He’s trespassing on a corporate-owned planet. She’s duty bound to report him. The deck is stacked against them, but if they play their cards right, they might discover that together, they hold a winning hand.


If you’re buying this novella from Amazon, it will be listed as Book 6. All other vendors it’s listed as 4.5. (Amazon likes to be difficult/different with their numbering rules.)  It can be read any time after Three of a Kind (Book 4) and is a standalone cyborg romance.
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