Her Alien Healers – Bonus Epilogue

Bonus Epilogue for Her Alien Healers

Pomp and ceremony weren’t Jody’s favorite things by any means, but today’s event was different. The palace grounds were full of celebrants here to meet Haven’s newest arrival—the first child born with both Vardarian and human DNA.

As honored guests of Prince Tyran, Jody and her mates got to enjoy the best of everything—food, drink, and access to a suite of rooms where they could retire if they needed to escape the crowd. Which is exactly what they’d done the moment the presentation ceremony ended.

Jody had sunk into the nearest couch with a grateful sigh while
Tariq closed the door with a flourish. “And that’s enough socializing for now,” he declared.

“And for the next month.” Sulat sat down beside her and immediately drew her in snug against his side.

“Speak for yourselves. I intend to head back into the fray. If we hide away, the damned Liq’za will think we’re afraid. Besides, I need to hunt down more of those amazing cookies. The ones with the creamy filling. What did you say they were called?”

T’orio,” Tariq said as he claimed the empty spot on her left. “I’ve already requested the recipe. I’ve never had ones that good.”

“You’ve never eaten like royalty before,” Sulat pointed out.

Jody looked around the suite they had use of for the day, with its elegant furnishings and luxury far beyond anything she’d ever experienced. “It’s all a bit rich for my taste,” she said, then grinned. “But I suppose I could get used to it. Especially if it comes with more of that amazing food.”

Both males chuckled, a rich, wonderful sound she loved.

“You will have to get used to it, zurya,” Tariq said.

“Tyran gifted this space to us to use any time we wish,” Sulat added.

“What? When? Why?” the questions fell out of her mouth in no particular order.

“The rooms are ours in recognition of our status as healers for the royal family. Tyran informed us this morning, and we asked if we could be the ones to tell you.”

Jody grabbed both their hands. “Please tell me we’re not moving into the palace. It’s lovely. Hell, it’s amazing, but it’s not home.” That title belonged to the house she now shared with Tariq and Sulat. They’d gone shopping often, acquiring new things for her, and for the house in general. The main bedroom now had a bed more than big enough for all three of them, along with new furnishings they’d chosen together.

“We’re not moving,” Tariq said softly.

“We’ve hidden away long enough,” Sulat said. “But if things get dangerous…”

She understood. “Then this is a safe place.” Since the Liq’za’s brazen attacks, the entire colony had increased security, but the palace was still the most secure place in Haven.

“It is,” Tariq agreed. “It could also function as guest accommodations.”

“Oh! You mean I could arrange for Jacob to stay here?” Her son had not been thrilled to learn his mother was now living with two Vardarian males, but he’d grudgingly agreed to visit soon, “So I can find out what kind of beings they are and if they’re good enough for you.”

She’d smiled at her son and laughed. “They’re the best, Jake.” It had been the best conversation they’d had in months.

“After living in the IAF barracks, this place will seem like paradise. It’s perfect! Oh, and Vixi could stay here, too. I mean, if she wants. And not when Jake is here, but I know you’re both worried she’ll be a target, and she’d be safer here than on her own.”

“Our children will both be safe when they are here,” Tariq agreed.

“But they will not be sharing this space!” Sulat added with a hint of a growl.

Veth, no. They’d probably fight like a pair of grumpy gharstu. I’m not sure which one of them is more stubborn, and I hope we never find out.”

Thoughts of their adult children made Jody smile. One day, she hoped they found the same joy and love she had.

“What made you smile like that?” Tariq asked.

“I was thinking of us. Have I mentioned how much I love you both?” She released their hands to touch the metal bands they both wore on their wrists. Bands identical to the one she now wore.

They were similar to the harani all mated Vardarians wore, but this set were forged to fit their wrists instead of their biceps, a different symbol for a unique type of mating.

“And we love you, zurya,” Tariq lifted her hand to his mouth to brush a kiss across her knuckles.

“With all our hearts.” Sulat pulled her in close and kissed her.

“And our bodies,” Tariq added. “All you have to do is say the word.”

She nodded once, surrendering to the inevitable with glee. “Yes.”


I hope you enjoyed this bonus scene for Her Alien Healers

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  1. I liked Jody’s story. I look forward to reading about Jake’s visit. Surely Vixi will meet him too.

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