Too Hexy For Her Broom

Book Cover: Too Hexy For Her Broom
Part of the Hot and Hexy series:
  • Too Hexy For Her Broom

Part of Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Universe

She thinks she’s ordinary. He thinks his assignment is temporary. Sometimes, two wrongs can make everything right.

Exploding cupcakes and an unexpected birthday present send Breeze back to a place she can barely remember – home.

Her mission: Take her place as the protector of Wyrding Way and unravel the mystery of her parents’ death.

Her allies: A kleptomaniac raccoon and a hot as hell selkie secret agent whose smile could melt the panties off a saint.

Her enemies: A flock of seagull Shifters with mayhem on their minds.

Her plan: Defend the town., decode the clues, and do not, under any circumstances, fall for the sexy Shifter, even if he does look amazing in a kilt.


A note from the author: I love this world, adore Robyn Peterman, the woman who created this wonderful, madcap universe, and I'm honoured to be part of this marvellous madness.

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