5 thoughts on “Marked for Vengeance

  1. I m so caught up in these characters and am dying for the next book. I am so excited that I am on the 3rd book again. Cannot get enough of these men and woman!!! Please hurry up with the next books. I am in desperate need for the next ones.

    • Hi Tammy! I am so pleased you are enjoying my fa’rel fellows and their mates. 🙂 Marked For Havoc will be out this fall, despite Venge insisting his story should come first. That is one pushy male!

  2. This is a great series. Keep’em coming, I really never thought I could find another series that would keep me coming back but I was sooooo wrong. Each story picks up from the last briefly to get you reacquainted and then it picks up speed and it never lets you go.

  3. Love this series!! So excited to hear vengeance’s and havoc’s story! Thank you so much Susan please never stop. Love your books!

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