Operation Phoenix

She was the love of his life. Walking away was supposed to keep her safe…

Dax’s greatest regret is leaving the woman he loved. His only other regret – not being able to tell her how her brother died.  Now, he lives by one rule: mission first.

When Trinity re-appears as a suspect in his investigation, he must make a hard choice. Duty, or baring his soul to the woman he could never forget?

Base Commander Trinity West has a problem. Top secret material is going missing, and she needs to plug the leak – fast. Solving this case is critical. It comes with a transfer somewhere she can dig into her brother's fatal last mission. She has everything under control. Then Nova Force arrives to take over, led by the only man to ever break her heart – and the last one to see her brother alive.

Surrounded by lies, secrets, and hidden agendas, can Dax and Trinity work together to get to the truth...or will the past repeat itself, this time with deadly consequences?



“Operation Phoenix has it all: heart-pounding excitement, tension, hot sex and a storyline that grabs you and never lets go.”

Desiree Holt
USA Today bestselling author

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