Her Alien Mercenaries

The Drift: Haven Colony

She thought that moving to a new world would be the challenge of a lifetime. Then the universe upped the ante.

Jenna never expected to escape from Earth. Now she’s a colonist in a beautiful and inviting new world, surrounded by beings she wants to trust…if only she could.

Not everyone in Haven wants it to succeed, and Jenna is now a pawn in a dangerous game of secrets and subterfuge. To protect her new home, she’ll have to risk everything, including her chance at love.

They thought they could leave their bloodstained past behind them. They were wrong.

Zanyr and Torran may have kept their names, but they left the rest of their former lives behind. Most of their species despise mercenaries, which means they must hide their past to protect their future with the colony.

Their lives bound by blood-oaths and battle, these former soldiers of fortune want nothing more than to live in peace with their mate… once they find her, that is.

These three beings will have the chance to get everything they’ve ever wanted…but to keep it, they’ll have to go to war.

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