Her Cyborg Lumberjack

Birds were her only passion… until she met him.

 Rin has dedicated her life to the study of birds. When the military uncovers a lost project that results in a new avian species, they hire Rin to investigate what they’ve created… and how to best use their newest assets.

Rin wants more for her subjects than a life of risk and servitude, but keeping secrets from the military is a dangerous game… especially when playing alone.

This cyborg thought he was better off on his own… then he found her.

 Infantry scout. Prisoner. Unwilling test subject. Axe has been many things in his life, but most of it he spent alone. Freedom hasn’t changed that. He protects the colony from a distance—patrolling the wild places others avoid.

He thought he had everything he needed until a chance encounter changes everything. Now he’s got a psychic hawk in his head and a bright and cheerful scientist sneaking into his heart.

She needs his protection. The psy-hawks need his help. And Axe is about to discover that a life of solitude isn’t what he wants after all.

**Publisher’s note:  This story was previously released as part of the Pets In Space 8 Anthology. If you bought the anthology, you already own this romance story.

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8 thoughts on “Her Cyborg Lumberjack

  1. Hi, I love your books, but don’t usually use Kindle. I am Canadian and prefer Kobo. But as I already have the Pets in Space anthology I will be ok. I’ll just reread it on release day! Thank you for all the wonderful books, characters, worlds and stories.
    Leanna B.

    • Hi there,
      I’m also Canadian, so I totally understand. If you’d like, you’re welcome to reach out to me via email and I can let you know about some other options for obtaining my books. (Like joining my ARC team)

    • Hi Kristina,

      This book will be exclusive to Amazon. If you’d like a copy, please email me and I can assist you with some options to make sure you get a copy.

  2. I just wanted to let the other readers know that you don’t have to choose Kindle Unlimited or Kobo plus. In the last month, I have joined Kobo plus and kept Kindle Unlimited, even though funds have become extra tight. I find now with having both, I no longer have to purchase hardly any books by borrowing from both. I also have a big wish list on BookBub for being alerted to deals on authors I follow. Hope this is helpful to all of you Sci Fi Romance Fans!

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