Her Cyborg Rangers

She dreamed of escaping Earth one day—but she never imagined the price she’d pay to be free.

Jade was a cyber-jockey. Emphasis on the word was. Now, she isn’t sure who she is or what she wants to do with her new life.

No one else seems to know what to do with her either, including the two sexy cyborgs who are never far from her side, but always just out of her reach.

Cyborgs. Batch-brothers. Survivors. They thought they were prepared for anything. Then, they found her.

Wreckage and Ruin thought settling down would be simple, but living a quiet life has its own challenges.

The new ranger program might be just what they need, but it’s not all they want. Drawn to Jade since the day they rescued her from mercenaries, they’re trying to give her the time she needs to heal… and the space they need to keep their secret.

Three broken souls with the power to heal each other—if only they can let go of the past and trust in a future big enough for three.

Enjoy your sneak peek and read Chapter one now!

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9 thoughts on “Her Cyborg Rangers

  1. I hate having to wait for the next installments of your characters who inhabit the far reaches of space. It takes at most 2 days to read what ever is the latest story and then a long wait for the next one. I order the newest offerings as soon as they ar available for pre order. It just will not do to miss an episode. Thanks for making escape possible from ordinary retired days of same old same old.

  2. I love the folks living on Haven and the Drift. You write a story and I read it as soon as it comes out.

  3. I just finished all of the Haven series available in 4 days. Now looking forward to the sixth. Great to see you at RARE in Melbourne, and will remember you wiypth great affection. You, and all the othercauhors made me feel more than welcome. I hope you are firmly ensconced back in Canadia [TM], or having a ball if on a break while you savour the opportunities that this Great Southern Land has to offer.

  4. I so thoroughly enjoy Susan Hayes books!
    Not only are the plots engaging, but she works with terrific proofreaders and editors, as evidenced by the very, very rare typos! Her imagination knows no bounds reflecting excellent character development and storylines that completely intrigue and entertain me.
    I hope that there will be a TV, cable series or a movie with sequels at some point!

    • Hello, this book was available at all vendors for the first few days. I’m sorry you missed it! Please feel free to email me to discuss the situation.

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