Double Down

They were weapons in someone else’s war. Now they’re just want to live in peace…

Cyborgs Kit and Luke are determined to carve out a place for themselves in a galaxy that still sees them as corporate-owned killers. They’re not mindless machines, they’re men with dreams and desires of their own. Their greatest desire is to claim a blue-skinned beauty with a mysterious past and a heart big enough for two.

Born of two worlds and belonging to neither… She’s looking for a place to call home.

 There were easier places for a freighter pilot to make a living, but the Drift offered Zura the one thing she needed most- a chance to start over. That’s not all she finds in the far reaches of space. Two sexy-as-sin cyborgs want to bring her into their orbit, and they’ll do everything to tempt her into saying yes…

When a dead man’s secret sends her new life into a tailspin, Zura will have to fight to protect her family, even if it costs her everything…including her future with Luke and Kit.


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