Full House

A Drift Series Novella

Opportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes, it crash lands.

 A veteran of the Resource Wars, Raze is a cyborg with a simple plan. He wants to be left alone, forever.

Planetary scout Sevda Rem is light-years from civilization when her ship is damaged, forcing an emergency landing on an unoccupied planet. At least, it was supposed to be unoccupied…

He’s trespassing on a corporate-owned planet. She’s duty bound to report him. The deck is stacked against them, but if they play their cards right, they might discover that together, they hold a winning hand.

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7 thoughts on “Full House

  1. I found your blog today . I read all your book summary. I think I will be a book reader of all your books. Wrote down 8 I AM STARTING ON!!!

    • Found your blog today. Read all the summaries . All books sound great. Sounded like I will become an avid reader of your books. Starting with 8 books.

  2. Thank You ever soo much! Most of us have increasingly tight book budgets and this will give me great reading material and introduce me to new authors, too.

    I’ve always loved your books,
    Susan H Dobroff

  3. Hello Susan, just letting you know I loved your series “The Drift” so far I have read 1-3 plan on reading the rest. Love the story because it just spoke to me. One of my dream was a be part of the team to Mars. I love anything trekie. Hope you write more books about the drift. I am glad you are from Canada it makes it easier for me to get your books thru bookbud or Kobo. If you offer them thru Amazon I am just letting you know I do not plan of buying from them. I am aware how they treat their employees. Keep writing !!

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