The Drift Collection: Books 4-7

Cyborgs, aliens, intrigue, and romance… Welcome to The Drift.

This box set includes books 4-7 of the Drift Series: Three of a Kind, Full House, No Limit and Blind Bet.

Three of a Kind

The doctor doesn’t know it yet, but three is her lucky number…

Cyborg warriors Lance, Dirk, and Blade were born for battle, but the Resource Wars ended before they drew their first breath. Soldiers without a war, they drift from place to place, looking for a purpose and a reason to settle down. When they came to the Drift, they knew they’d found their place. When they met Dr. Alyson Jefferies, they knew they found their purpose.

Full House

Opportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes, it crash lands.

A veteran of the Resource Wars, Raze is a cyborg with a simple plan. He wants to be left alone, forever. Then a planetary scout ship with a curvy pilot crash lands in his valley, changing both their lives forever.

No Limit

Three hearts. Two worlds. No limits.

Tyran Varosa and Braxon Torr are on a mission. Find an inhabitable planet. Start a new colony. Escape the archaic rules and traditions of the Vardarian homeworld. They never expected to find their mate along the way, and they never imagined she’d be a diminutive human female with pink hair and a warrior’s spirit.

Blind Bet

Some rules were made to be broken.

Layla Corbin loves her life as a technician on the deep space asteroid-mining ship, Kessel Queen. Great job, great companions, great money. Perfect, except she wants all four of her sexy crewmates. The rules of the ship state she can only have one – and she can't choose between them.

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